Proctor Process

After you have completed all of your chapters and their corresponding quizzes, you will gain access to the final exam. You can take the final exam as many times as you would like or need to. Once you pass the final with a 70 or higher, you will have access to the Proctored Exam. This is a second, shorter final. The difference being that for this exam, you will need a disinterested third party (i.e. librarian, neighbor, friend) to watch you take it. It cannot be a family member or anyone that will benefit financially from you obtaining your licenses, i.e. hiring manager. They will enter their information at the end of your proctored exam and sign electronically. By signing, they are confirming you did not use any outside resources while taking the exam.

Once you have passed the proctored with a 70 or higher, you will need to send in a Affidavit form.  Both you and your proctor will fill out this form. If you're seeking a Certificate of Completion for both your Life Only and your Health Only courses, you will need to submit two separate affidavits. Please make sure the form is filled out completely. All students will be required to fill out a course evaluation for each course as well and this will be completed while you are filling out your affidavit forms.


Once the affidavit and course evaluation is completed, it must be faxed or emailed to us at 1.888.839.5412 or


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