What is the fingerprinting process in Pennsylvania?



Effective Tuesday, November 28, 2017 the Pennsylvania Insurance Department will begin using the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s new supplier of digital fingerprinting, IdentoGO, for FBI criminal background checks. As a result, applicants for an insurance license requiring fingerprint submission will no longer be able to submit their fingerpints at a PSI testing center as of close of business on Monday, November 27, 2017.

Starting November 28, 2017 applicants requiring fingerprint submission may begin registering online via the IdentoGO website at or by telephone at 844-321- 2101 Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. EST. Following registration, the applicant will be provided with a registration number that they will take with them when they go to the IdentoGO site for fingerprinting. Applicants must be registered with IdentoGO prior to arriving at a fingerprinting site.

When registering online an applicant must use the appropriate service code assigned to the Insurance Department, which is 1KG8Q3. Using the correct service code ensures the background check is processed for the correct agency and submitted for the correct purpose. Fingerprint requests processed through any other agency or purpose cannot be accepted.

As a reminder, individuals should not register for a fingerprinting appointment and submit their fingerprints until after they have passed any exam requirements and applied for licensure.

The total fee for an FBI background check will be $22.60 starting November 28, 2017. Payment is made at the IdentoGO center after the applicant’s fingerprints have been submitted. Credit card, debit card, check or money order, are the only payment methods accepted. No cash transactions or personal checks will be accepted.

During the initial roll-out period, there will be 75 public center fingerprint locations available throughout Pennsylvania with even more locations to be added in the near future. To find a site near you visit This map will continue to be updated as more sites have completed set-up and training.

Questions regarding these changes can be directed to

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